Moon Walk

Let's get to the Moon

The moon is 239,000 miles away. Let’s see if we can get there!

This summer, help us get to the moon! We’re walking - and reading - to make up the miles!

Convert your steps, minutes, and page counts using the Mission Log!

Mission Log

You may enter one of the following: Minutes, pages, or steps.

Mission Track

Sun Earth Moon 239,000 miles from the Earth to the Moon. 236,949 miles to go!
0.8582% complete

Mission Stats.

Log Entries: 122

3,440 minutes read
344 miles travelled
10,846 pages read
1,084 miles travelled
623,380 steps taken
623 miles travelled

Total: 2,051 miles

Apollo 8: Around The Moon and Back

Fly Me to the Moon

Jack Schmitt: From Apollo 17 to LRO

100 Lunar Days: Part 1

100 Lunar Days: Part 2

Videos provided by NASA
Provided by the Twin Falls Public Library