Library Cards

Available Library Cards

Residents living inside Twin Falls city limits or who own property therein may obtain a library card free of charge. Patrons must present a valid Photo ID and proof of address.

Children who can write their first and last name may obtain a library card. Children aged 14 or under must have a parent or guardian with photo ID present when signing up for the card.


Residents who live outside Twin Falls city limits and do not own or rent city property may purchase a Non-Resident Card for $50.00 per year ($45.00 for seniors aged 60 years or older). This covers all residents living in the same household. Patrons must also present a current photo ID.

Temporary Cards

Residents living in temporary or transitional homes may receive Temporary Cards by providing Photo ID and Proof of Address. A letter on letterhead from the organization or facility declaring the patron’s residence may also be used as proof of address. Temporary Cards must be renewed every 45 days, and are restricted to a two-item checkout limit. Temporary addresses may be verified by the library.

Teen Card

Teens aged 15-18 living inside Twin Falls city limits may receive a card by providing valid Photo ID and proof of address. Teen cards are limited to a two-item checkout limit. They may use this card to access public computers in the Teen Room. Teens may receive a regular card without the two-item restriction if a parent or legal guardian is present, provides photo ID, and gives permission. Parent or legal guardian is thereafter financially responsible for materials checked out to the account.  


Patrons are eligible for a Computer-Use-Only Card upon presenting a Photo ID and providing a mailing or physical address. Patrons with full-service library cards may use those cards for computer access. See the Computer Use Policy for details. Children 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when signing up for the Computer-Use-Only card.

Institutional Cards

Institutions within the Twin Falls city limits may be issued one Institutional Library card. The institution must assume financial responsibility for the use of the card, and designate a representative to be the main contact person.  The institution should furnish a list of authorized persons, as well as be responsible for any changes that may occur to that list. Only authorized users will be able to use the institutional card and must provide a Photo ID when presenting the card. Institutional Cards will not accrue normal overdue fines but will be expected to abide by the due dates given. Institutions with a library card will be responsible for lost or damaged materials checked out to the card. Institutional cards cannot be used to access public computers at the library.

Educator Cards

Magic Valley Educators working at an educational facility may apply for the Educator Library card. Materials checked out to an Educator Card should be for the classroom or professional development. Up to 100 items may be checked out to the educator card.  Materials checked out to the Educator card will be due 30 days from checkout. Educator accounts may place up to 50 items on hold. Educator Cards will not accrue normal overdue fines, but materials are still expected to be returned by the due dates given. Educators must provide proof of employment at an educational facility in order to be eligible for the Educator Card. Proof of employment must be provided at the beginning of each school year. Acceptable proof of employment is subject to the library’s discretion.  Educator Cards will be active starting August 1st and expire on May 31st each year.

Patron Photo ID & Proof of Address

The Twin Falls Public Library is a city, tax-supported library. Any patron applying for a library card must provide a current form of photo ID. Residents within Twin Falls city limits pay taxes to support the library, therefore they may apply for a library card free of charge by providing proof of address and photo ID. Listed below are the acceptable forms of photo ID and proof of address.

Acceptable Patron Photo ID
Acceptable Proof of Address
Current Idaho State ID
Current Idaho State ID

Current Out-of-State ID

Utility dated within the last 30 days
Current Passport
Mailed envelope postmarked within the last 30 days
Current Military ID
USPS Address Forward Verification Letter
Current Student ID Card
Current Proof of Motor Vehicle Insurance
Current Permanent Resident Card (aka Green Card)
Paycheck stub within the last pay period
Photo ID from a correctional facility

Copy of signed Lease or Rental Agreement

Current semester's School Schedule